Logo mats can help you build your brand and increase your business

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Logo mats could be the solution to your brand’s problems. These entrance mats come with a wide range of shapes and materials. Whether you are buying mats for your business or renting entrance mats to your customers, custom logo door mats provide many more benefits than just being something to lay down on the floor.

What are the benefits of logo mats?

There are many benefits to investing in logo mats.

Branded mats are able to trap dirt and water. This ensures that your floors don’t become contaminated by moisture and grime. This ensures that your floors are safe and minimizes cleaning expenses. These are just a few of the many benefits.

These include:

Building brand awareness and recognition

They play an important part in branding your business premises as well as creating a visual identity. These mats create a professional appearance and a good impression when people walk in your front door.

Visitors will remember your brand better if they see smart custom mats when they pass your door. They also create that crucial first impression.

Make your brand more memorable

Logo entrance mats offer a more warm welcome to anyone who crosses your threshold than is possible with unbranded mats. The design stage should include a clear welcome message.

A good look

You can match the logo of your entrance mats with both the brand colour and the decor in your premises. This allows you to create a tailored professional look that fits perfectly with the environment.

Inspiring confidence

Smartly designed branded commercial carpets can inspire confidence among clients, employees, and other visitors to your business. Because they know that you can get the commercial entrance mats right, they are far more likely than others to trust you with everything else.

Decided to purchase logo mats this is what means to you.

Your entrance mats will have the most impact.

Choose a contrast background color and logo colors

It’s important that your logo mats stand out as much as you can when selecting them. It is important to avoid using a dark logo against a dark background. Entry mats are often made in darker colors to hide dirt. If your logo has similar colors, you may need the services of a professional designer or logo mat manufacturer. They can also lighten your branding, so that your logo stands out on your commercial mats.

It’s a great idea if you include a welcome message on your branded commercial carpets. Be as concise as possible. Also, if you add patterns to your logo keep they brief so they don’t distract from the main message.

The same applies to spas, where a more complex design could not create the desired effect.


Be mindful of where you will lay your entrance mats. Coir logo mats are best if they are placed on the ground or near your front door. This mat will trap dirt and make it more durable. While coir is more expensive, the mats made from this material are very hardwearing. For other locations, however, a bright, bold look for your custom mats could be the best.