Oil Painting is Making a Comeback that Creates a Huge Difference in your Interiors

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oil painting

If you think paintings are dead, then you’re wrong. Paintings are emerging everywhere, whether it is an art gallery, office, home interior, or street painting, that are now part of 21st-century life. Earlier paintings were classified as elite masterpieces and they were seen only in royal castles and palaces. With time as palaces turned into museums, so did the art fashion disappear. Today, every freelancer and painter are using their concepts and ideas to create a warm and impressive painting that can be hung on home and office walls. 

Oil paintings are most in-demand as they give your personal space a special effect. You don’t need to disappoint yourself by hanging a showpiece because the oil painting is out of your reach. Today, finding various artists displaying their art online for sale is easy. They may not be as famous as Picasso, but their painting surely leaves a meaning behind.

For example, you can check painting works by Lana Zueva on her official website. Lana Zueva is a Russian artist who stays in Australia. She turned into a full-time artist at the age of 50. Her favourite medium is oil painting. She paints anything that inspires her. So, if you want to buy a few oil paintings that are within your budget and create an essence in life then choose Lana’s masterpieces. 

We have gathered a few painting ideas for your home which may inspire you to make a few changes to your home –

  • Make a few changes to your stairways by adding oil paint on the side walls. For example, lining a few renowned faces on the walls, which you, kids, and guests can observe while climbing stairs. 
  • Hang a few paintings in your bedroom adjacent to your bed or on the sidewall. This makes your room look diverse, delightful, and fanciful. 
  • A single portrait also makes a difference. How about hanging an oil painting of your pet, or your favourite persona on top of a cabinet and placing similar colour showpieces on the shelves below the painting. 
  • Modern and traditional also sometimes catch eyes, when you place a painting of your grandmother in her favourite lacey dress, along with your contemporary furniture in the living room. The masterpiece should hang in centre to grab all attention. 
  • Place a few oil paintings horizontally or diagonally on a wall and keep the reaming wall empty. This will give these paintings full attention and they will add some value and colour to the area. 
  • Oil paints don’t always need to be boring. You can also add some sassy paintings in your private bedroom to give that sensual feeling to your personal space. 
  • If you love colours, then try some rainbow-like colourful painting to add to any space and arrange some colourful pieces along with it. Even a boring single dinner will become exciting as you observe those fancy colours with the bread. 

Finding oil paintings isn’t difficult nowadays. There is no need to go to a gallery to buy a masterpiece. Simply go online and you will find some exclusive masterpieces from different creative artists. Buy from them, because that way you will also be helping and inspiring the community of ‘not so famous artists.