How to Order the Perfect-Fitting Online Bra?

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We spend far more time looking at our shoes than we do thinking about our bras. Even though it is a tiny bit of fabric that shapes and lifts each top, jacket, dress, and outfit, it can make them look better. However, we don’t always know what bra to wear or where to buy the right bra. Nowadays, most people buy bras online. Here are tips to help you break out of your rut.

1. Your Mirror Is the Best Fitter for Bras

It is difficult but it is worth taking a close look at the bra you are currently wearing before you buy online. If your bra cups are not shaped properly, are not squished enough, or are too large; if there are no straps or bands; if your bra feels tight or bulky; if your bra makes your shoulders or neck hurt; or if they are too stiff or have a lot of weight; Even though you might have lots of pretty, expensive bras in your drawer if they aren’t fitting your body, breasts and wardrobe, it’s time for you to donate or toss them.

2. Simple DIY Measurements

It seems that store-fitters know some bra secrets that we don’t. It takes nothing more than a measuring tape (or a length of string or ribbon) and a ruler to determine the correct size. First, wear your bra. Check the tape placement in the mirror. Measure the band’s size by wrapping tape under your bust. You should keep it taut, level, and taut throughout.

3. Know Your Bra Size

It can be challenging to find the right bra. Although your measurements are an excellent guide, our bra size is not necessarily fixed. Sometimes, the bras you’re looking at simply don’t work with your measurements. Sometimes the cups don’t fit properly, the band may be too tight or loose, or perhaps the cups are too small.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Your Gut Instincts

Women over 50 have many years of bra-wearing experiences, both good and bad. Everybody is different. Remember to consider your personal tastes. Perhaps you prefer a bra without as much cup coverage as a demi or balcony bra. You may prefer a closed front. Do you prefer unlined cups or lined cups? Pre-molded bras or seamed to give you extra shape and lift an underwire or wireless bra? Do you prefer something more elegant? Do you prefer shoulder or racerback straps? We can have straps that are wide, narrow or cushioned.

5. Before You Remove the Tags on Your Bras, Test Drive Them At Home

Sometimes your measurements are correct and you get the right size bra. In the mirror, check the fit. The best bra will fit on the lowest band setting. The band should wrap around your ribcage. This is where the bra does the most hold-up work. Reach for something by lifting your arms high above your head. If your breasts slide under the band, your band is too large. It’s fine if your fingers can slip under the band. You can see yourself from the side in a mirror.

If you’re looking for a bra that will fit perfectly, you can order it online. Many bra shops in Australia offer the option to order bras in your size and style. You can also try out different bras before you buy them so that you know which one is right for you.