How The To True-Up Bill Is Calculated

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What is a true up bill? A true-up billing reconciles the energy consumption of your home over a 12-month span to see if you’ve been awarded net metering credits. If so, how much do you owe? The true-up charge will be assessed every twelve months. Your utility company won’t be able to keep track of the total electricity your solar home generates. The utility company will need to keep track of both how much electricity your house provided to the grid and how much power your home consumed from the grid each month. After a year, the total amount of electricity you used from the grid is deducted from your net metering power credits. This happens at the end of the year.

How The To True-Up Bill Is Calculated?

You should monitor both your net meters and grid electricity usage. If you consumed more electricity than your utility company provided, you will have to pay a balance on the final utility bill.

Your monthly utility bill also includes your net-metering statement. This information is automatically included in the utility bill. It will give you the complete amount of power that your solar panels delivered to the grid, as well as the total energy used by your house. It is important to remember that you will not be charged for any net energy use that was reported on your net metering statement. Your final bill, or “true-up”, will include charges for net usage. An additional monthly fee is charged for being connected to the grid.

Maintain An Accurate Record Of Your Monthly Net Metering To Ensure That Your True-Up Bill Is Accurate As Well

A spreadsheet of your net usage for the month and net metering credits each month is a great way to track both these statistics. If your billing plan depends on how much electricity you use each day, it is crucial that you keep track and record when electricity is returned to the grid. The daytime rate will help you calculate your bill’s worth. The same goes for net electricity usage. You should note the total amount of electricity used as well as the times it was consumed. You can use the calculations below to work out how much you’ll have to pay for the electricity. This calculation is based on your plan, the time it was consumed, and the time of the day (usually evening).

Batteries In Your Home Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Final Cost

It may be possible to reduce the power consumption of your home by installing home batteries. Evening hours are when you will pay the highest prices. You might use the solar energy generated and stored in your batteries to power your home. This will lower your electricity consumption during high-demand times and will save you money.

Home Batteries Are Something That Freedom Forever Sells And Installs

Call us if your decision is to look into battery options. We will put your name in touch with one of the independent authorized dealers that will review your options. There might be financial benefits to buying house batteries. This will depend on the state you live in.