All That You Wanted to Know About Metal Washers

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Most of you must have come across stainless steel washers, but do you know what are their uses? It is a small-sized round metal piece having a center. 

The hole in the washers allows the screws or bolts to pass through. There are good reasons why these spacers are used in most of these fasteners. Washers offer a lot of strength to fasteners.

Metals used for washer

The following are the different metals generally used for making these washers:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Inconel alloy
  • Copper
  • Brass alloy

Types of metal washers

The following are a few different types of washers:

  • Spring washer
  • Lock washer
  • Plain washers
  • Specialty washers
  • Square washers
  • Multiple hole washers

Uses of metal washers

  1. Load distribution

The main function of most washers is to disperse the load of the bolt or nut with which they are worn evenly. Threaded fasteners put tension on the material that they are pressed into.

By equally dispersing the load of the fastener throughout the surface of the material, washers lower the possibility of any damage. Not every material calls for washers. However, washers are typically used with wood and other soft materials.

  • Spacing

As a spacer washer is also used if your threaded fastener is bigger than the object’s depth, as it will be hard to drive it into the object unless an additional fastener sticks out from the back of the object.

Driving a screw of 4” into an object that is 3” deep may result in 1” of the tip of the screw protruding out of the object’s back and a washer is needed. 

  • Vibration absorption

Vibration absorption is a feature of some washer types. Typically, they are not constructed of metal. Instead, softer materials like plastic, rubber, or urethane are used to create them. These softer materials are better at absorbing vibrations than harder elements like metal.

Vibration-dampening washers can shield the other object from harm when a threaded fastener is used to join two objects.

  • Liquid protection

Other kinds of washers stop liquids and water from entering. They are frequently used to make a waterproof seal in water pipes and connectors.

Liquid-sealing washers are made of a soft material that may press entirely against the surface of the object, similar to vibration-dampening washers. The use of 316 stainless washers is for maritime applications.

  • Using for repair

When a hole has been harmed by rust or corrosion, a particular kind of washer known as a fender washer is utilized to repair the connection. A fastener can be fastened to the washer, which has a small hole with a very big outer diameter that can always cover the hole.

Metal washers have countless applications, and specialty types are produced for unique and uncommon ones. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which has developed a set of quality standards in regard to all items that are produced for public and industrial use, is followed by all washer manufacturers when it comes to production specifications.