The Best Method To Save Money on Diamond Rings

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Most people generally go out and buy diamond rings of the shelf due to the fact that most of us are under the notion that custom made diamond rings are too expensive for most of us. Although this is the popular belief, it is in fact total nonsense as the truth is with the right jeweller who offer transparent mechanisms of ring crafting to clients (no middlemen or hidden costs), one could own a custom made unique diamond ring for a lot lesser than a readymade of the rack piece.

The current perspective on unique diamond rings or even jewellery such as neck pieces studded with diamonds are the results of the myths that were conjured up by some of the planet’s biggest diamond dealers ages ago as a marketing gimmick that made people think that spending an entire month’s salary on an engagement ring is the standard norm.

However, times have changed and these large retailers no longer control the marketing narrative of the gem world, currently ‘new generation’ jewellers suggest that one should only spend on a ring based on their budget and what they are comfortable spending, nothing more, nothing less as wedding costs will also rear its ugly head soon enough, with this consideration, even settling for lab grown diamonds on the ring is encouraged as they will cut the cost down by almost 50% easily.

Most individuals out on the hunt for diamond engagement rings go about visiting various jewellers comparing prices, both at physical stores and online as online reviews of previous customers tell a lot about jewellers. For example, in instance where one jeweller charges more than another, consideration should be given to the service level mainly services pertaining to aftercare and the quality of the diamonds they offer, lab grown or natural.

The higher price would be worth it if it ensures that the ring lasts a few lifetimes. Coming back to the cost of these rings unique engagement rings could start at around AUD 1,300 for the setting of the ring and the cost of the centre piece depends on the stone itself, this is where one would have the option to choose between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond which could bring the cost down by almost half if the stone was lab grown.

However, bear in mind that the cost ultimately depends on the complexity of design and how much detailing or extra diamonds it will require. Generally, jewellers who have in house designers and goldsmiths would generally charge less and are often able to provide information on ‘cost can be reduced’ as they know how to minimise the customer’s cost whilst simultaneously maximising their own profit which is a win – win scenario as far as everybody is concerned. Those looking for a diamond shop for an engagement ring must always bear in mind, a ring which is supposed to signify love should not come at a cost that is burdensome and be associated with a negative element and as such, choose a ring well within your budget and regardless if it’s a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond, the point is they both last forever.